Pauline Jaricot

Pauline M. Jaricot waqqfet dik li kellha ssir l-akbar organizzazzjoni ta’ appoġġ għall-missjonijiet fid-dinja kollha, b’120 uffiċċju f’pajjiżi differenti. Il-200 Sena Anniversarju tal-Assoċjazzjoni tal-Propagazzjoni tal-Fidi.

“I was created to love and to act. My cloister is the world.”

-Pauline Jaricot

Catholic Mission began with the vision of one woman

2022 is special year for us as it marks significant anniversaries in our history. 

Two-hundred years ago, a young Frenchwoman, Pauline Jaricot, had the vision of an international network of prayer and support for the work of mission. From the commitment of this one woman, the global mission of the Church found sustenance and support. 

In May 2022 Pauline Jaricot’s beatification will take place, a key milestone on the journey towards being recognised as a saint.

In May 2022 the Church will celebrate the beatification of Pauline Jaricot.

200 Years of Mission

2022 also marks the 200th anniversary of the Foundation for the Society of the Propagation of the Faith, which locally is known as Missio Malta, and till today it is a worldwide network of lay missionaries and church leaders working together with communities most in need.

Discover the story of a woman who changed the world

Pauline Jaricot was a revolutionary young woman who saw need and was compelled to do something about it. 
Born at a time when women were neither entrepreneurs, decision makers or influencers, Pauline Jaricot forged a new and practical way for people to join together, expand their faith and share what they had with those in need. 

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